Welcome to Zombieland!

In the summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with Conn’s Syndrome (or hyperaldosteronism/primary aldosteronism, and hypertension).  Basically, that means I was finally able to see an insidious and draining little monster in my life for what it was.  Hello, Tumor!  No wonder I feel like a zombie sometimes.

Discover more about various “Zombification” and “Rehumanization” stages that this journey holds for my family and myself.

My Goal is to encourage anyone who is facing or has faced similar life-altering illnesses.   Browse the links to the left for some fun, hopeful, helpful material.  May you leave here a little less Zombie, a little more Human…

Fire two taps in the air to let me know you made it out safely (or just say hi in the comments below)!

One guess which is the zombie...

One guess which is the zombie…


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  1. I live in the UK and visited your site after you posted on the Yahoo Conn’s Forum. I was interested in following your progress with the diet. I have Conn’s type symptoms (though no big tumour, and no confirmed diagnosis yet) and have had good results with “juicing” but find it hard to maintain.

    • My progress is good. It’s a slow build but I am regaining so much energy it’s almost uncanny. Not sure yet what the next step will be. Thanks for stopping by! I did not stay connected to the Conn’s group because they were so caustic. I even had the link posted here!!! What a shame! I took it down. Moving on!

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