All the Best

Off to see the wizard today!  I’m excited.

While getting ready for my appointment I had a ton of paperwork to fill out.  They asked for all kinds of info and I went to look in my filing cabinet for some data (like blood type).  I started finding things like cancer history in the family and my immunization record.  BUT HERE’S WHAT BLEW MY MIND.  I don’t know how I still had this, but I found a full blood panel and Dr’s notes/intake form from 2000 when I went to work in Japan (I suppose I had copies for submitting to the missions board).  On my doctor’s intake form I had written “I have been feeling fatigue for about three years.”  My blood test was normal so I think my fatigue complaint was just ignored (and I was too inexperienced to know better).  Crazy, huh?

Except... not really...


I’ve had a lot of help since I put the word out this last two weeks.  It’s been incredible to be loved on when I felt at my weakest.  I originally was facing 10 weeks of waiting for an appointment.  I had already waited three weeks to be scheduled (after seeing three other doctors over the summer), so I pretty much cried when I thought I had 7 more weeks of exhaustion each day (until 4pm).  I am so thankful when they could move me up (only another 2-week wait).

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the machine they did the 4-D scan with was huge, round, and I sat inside and rolled like a kid while they did it.  We’ll see if this one lives up to that.  Here’s a picture of the one I had my regular CT scan in at … Kinda scary, super modern (Star Trek modern, the machine was talking to me) and super frigid in the room. (“Can you hold still?”  “I’m… just…. too…. cold!”)

CT Scan

CT Scan

On a side note, being at the hospital yesterday was interesting.  I was usually the youngest person in each room, but never the sickest.   Then, I was waiting for a hospital shuttle I saw a private shuttle pull up…. who pops out?  An incredibly wealthy young couple with a tiny, unwell infant.  My heart stopped for a moment.  People can have all the riches in the world and still not be able to buy health for an innocent, cherished baby.  I felt like praying for everyone all day.  I just wanted to stop and say, “Hey!  What are you facing?  Can I pray for you?” to each and every sickie around me.  But I don’t have the energy to do that!  So I just talked with a few.  Turns out even my registrar was facing some little mountains!

But this hospital (MD Anderson) is such a bright place to be.  They have obviously worked hard to make sure they take GREAT care of their patients.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  My question is, do I have to be an admitted patient to take advantage of the free haircut/beauty shop? 😉

I'm a patient!

I’m a patient!

I am looking forward to meeting the lady who might have a few answers for me, and her team.  What a blessing and a miracle from God that someone could know Adrenal Glands inside and out.  🙂  Thanks, Lord.  You have sent me all the best.


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