Communities At War

I made a presentation at my Homesteading/Preppers group last week on nutrition and health/lifestyle.  It was a fun event for me, getting to share a little about what I have learned in the past few years.

I added a special slide in my powerpoint at the very end, however, with a picture of the Mexican Standoff in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  Point being: I am not joining the Nutrition vs. Medical WAR that is currently happening.

That’s right.  There is a WAR, if you haven’t figured it out already.  In fact, it goes on with all things medical as far as I can figure.  Hospital vs. Home/Natural Birth, Vitamins, and Immunizations are other areas where I have unwittingly stepped on a few land mines in conversations online and off, in the doctor’s office and with family/friends.

It turns out that both sides are standing behind their relative barricades, pointing fingers and screaming “You’re lying!  You’re wrong!” to the other side.  Anyone in the middle, undecided or just trying to do a blend of both sides, has to watch out, ‘cuz they’ll get pointed at and screamed at, too.  It all turns political and very heavy-handed when people aren’t being thoughtful.

The truth is, my husband and I plan to do a hybrid of the two — with a heavy dose of Jesus in the middle of all of it.  Our trust is not in man alone, doctors or nutritionists, but in the Creator of both sides and the only One who can help us pull back and make the choice that is best for us.

With Conn’s Syndrome, my adrenal gland presents a particularly tricky situation.  Unlike Adrenal Fatigue, a disease has caused my gland to overproduce one particular hormone.  I have a tiny little bump or growth, tumor or nodule, however you want to call it, that nutrition might be able to help me manage but will not cure.  In fact, nutrition has gone so far as to help me daily with my blood pressure and overall health far better than the medicinal management we tried last year.  However, my BP stays far higher than it should and the hyper-production of aldosterone continues to ravage my life.

So, it seems as though surgery is the best option.  What I left to the last, will (this time) take center stage.  I have explored doing a partial adrenalectomy, or asking the surgeon to simply chip off the nodule.  These might seem to be good options, but the main thing I have picked up on in studies accessible to me is that some adrenals that are fully removed show further disease once they are studied post-operation.

It is so rare to find two diseased adrenals that this is usually not a concern.  And for me the option of having my BP return to normal (as is the usual outcome) as well as my overall stamina/health for my family’s sake… far outweigh the negatives of losing my adrenal and maintaining my nutritional choices for the sake of my other adrenal.  I was concerned about guarding against adrenal insufficiency, but again from what I have read this usually occurs when people do not have even one properly functioning adrenal… it’s a totally different issue than Conn’s.

So… I have tried maintaining my health on my own, and for me it has not worked.  Maybe others could find a trick and I would love to hear about it here, even if I did not get the chance to try it.

It is interesting to me, overall, how much time it might have saved me if any one of the doctors I have met would have stopped to help me understand the full picture instead of trying to strong-arm me into surgery without fully understanding why.  I wonder if any of them even know enough about Conn’s to do this.  It remains a simple “I read that for Conn’s you do surgery” and they expect their patients to agree/submit to that.  Questions are a waste of their time.

So, it is up to US to really do the footwork and read, read, read to figure out WHY we would do what they suggest  (which can be tricky to do when you are already not feeling great and other things/little people need your attention).  It’s all about Informed Consent.  If you expect the doctor to do the explaining you are barking up the wrong tree, unfortunately.

Another guarding factor I have uncovered is, when working with doctors, it really helps not to disclose the Nutritional side of things.  A kind doctor friend explained in a private conversation that it’s best to say “I’d like to treat this conservatively, and avoid surgery if possible.”  So sad, but true… until Judgement Day we may never have a world where the yin/yang of
Science/Bible or Nutrition/Medicine can meet.  I’d argue that this is due to the meddling of the enemy of our souls.  Far too much good would come by those combinations, but that’s another story for another day… that’s my Christian two cents.  (wink)

Blessings to you, wherever you are on your road!  Let me know how you are doing and how I can pray for you today.


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