Different Flesh – Zombie Diet

This is the “Detox Diet” I was prescribed that has been so helpful already.  We will probably adjust as needed, depending on whether varying needs come up.  My goal is to do this diet for 40 days, see how my numbers look, and go from there.  I am happy to answer questions in the comments below!  If there is something here you don’t see and want more info, just ask!  I’ll keep updating as I can.  Blessings to you!

The entirety of the following was suggested by
Rory K James, N.W.E
Traditional Wellness Coach

No starches/carbs/fruits for one full month to fully detox and starve the tumor.  They turn to sugar, and feed the problem. The tumor is probably made up of toxicity which has been building due to lifestyle or life problems/traumas — and I would have to agree with him on the existence of that in my life.

Detox continues: Leafy greens at each meal (a small side serving). I have been doing steamed broccoli at breakfast, salad at lunch and dinner (with no cheese or croutons).  Also starting the day with a juice of coconut water and leafy greens/carrots for a potassium boost, and drinking pressed garlic and ginger for lowering blood pressure.

Drinking the liquid herbal extract called Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) to drink in water each day to cleanse the adrenal gland.

Eating 80%-100% or pure raw chocolate regularly to detox.  No problem there… it’s sooo good!!! This is what originally started my conversation with Rory and his wife.

Eating Celtic or Himalayan sea salts with each meal — salt and potassium balance each other, so if we cut out all salt it does not let the body balance my potassium myself.  Amazing.  I felt the effects immediately.  I actually stood at the kitchen counter and ate a few rocks at a time the first few days.

Eating a healthy protein at each meal: seeds, nuts, meat that is not too lean — eat some healthy fat — hunted game from my husband was a plus.  Coconut oil could be added as a healthy fat.  Eggs are also good, but I am supposed to eat the yolk and try to eat organic eggs.

Take Vitamin C for immunity boost, and Milk Thistle for Liver boost.

He mentioned eating as much organic food as possible (eggs being the most important on this plan), and watching what you put on your skin in terms of lotion/makeup/haircare etc. (so of course I was pretty proud to be able to share about my company, Pink Papaya).

I have personally added Green Tea, brewed for ten minutes but drunk before an hour passes, to detox.

He was also focused on other things like lifestyle, working on balancing hormones through diet, getting my spine in line with a chiropractor, looking at what things I might need healing from. We talked about birth and needing to heal from that and pregnancy still. We talked about Living Waters (the class my church does on inner healing and formational prayer).


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